CFRP preform technology is fast, flexible, efficient

Porsche racecar is first to sport part-via-preform technology.
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Automated joining of hybrid metal-thermoplastic composite structures

The FlexHyJoin production cell combines surface structuring, induction and laser joining and NDT for automotive mass production.
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Highlights: Composites Convention 2019

Highlights from the Composites Convention 2019, June 12-13, in Stade, Germany, organized by CFK Valley e.V. and Carbon Composites e.V, and the German Aerospace Center’s 5th Colloquium on Production Technology, on May 15, in Augsburg.
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Carbon Fibers

CarbonPro box: new forming process

From materials to assembly, the carbon fiber composite CarbonPro box manufacturing process features innovative, automated preforming technologies.
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Automated, in-situ inspection a necessity for next-gen aerospace

Inline inspection technologies continue to evolve with the aim of providing faster and more accurate part inspection.
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Thermoplastic overmolded thermosets, 2-minute cycle, one cell

Adhesive-free, functionalized hybrid composites enabled by industry-first, integrated molding cell.
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CW's top 10 posts of 2018

The top 10 most viewed articles on the CompositesWorld website in 2018.
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Glass Fibers

Automating composites production for ease of use and affordability

Schmidt & Heinzemann innovates composites workcells with German quality and small-company flexibility — “modules customized per product and program is the key.”
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Automated Preforming, Part 7: Fill Gesellschaft

Fill automates preforming for 1-min cycle time overmolded thermoplastic automotive parts but supplies automation throughout aero- and autocomposites process chains.
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Cevotec extends Fiber Patch Placement to sandwich structures, large aerostructures and enables combining with AFP

Automated preforming and layup process addresses core materials, as well as both continuous AFP and patch FPP reinforcements.
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Verisurf to debut 2019 software version

Verisurf 2019 is the latest release of the measurement software for automated quality inspection and reporting, scanning and reverse engineering, tool building and assembly guidance.
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The first composite fuselage section for the first composite commercial jet

Spirit AeroSystems was an established aerospace supplier when it earned that distinction, winning the contract for the Boeing 787’s Section 41. Now its sights are set on the next generation of aircraft.
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Israel’s aerodefense cornerstone poised for greater global outreach

Israel Aerospace Industries (IAI) is developing increasing expertise both in and out of the autoclave as it expands an already broad composites production portfolio.
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Improving composites processing with automated inspection, Part II

Three additional inspection equipment providers describe their development of inline production quality-control systems.
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Mahr expands OPTIMAR 100

OPTIMAR 100 is a proven solution for testing dial and digital indicators, test indicators and dial comparators, with image processing for the automated testing of measuring equipment.


Thermoplastic composites: Past the tipping point?

The manufacturing world watched a decade ago as automatically placed thermoset composite tapes replaced aluminum in commercial airframes and made composites a household word in markets around the world. Has the time come for thermoplastic composite tapes to make a similar impact?
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Data infrastructure in composites manufacturing: A growing need

As more automation enters the fabrication process for composites, new data infrastructure is required to guide that automation.
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Carbon Fibers

JEC World 2018: The highlights

JEC World is the composites industry’s largest trade show and did not disappoint this year.
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JEC World 2018: Highlights

You will read more about what we discovered at JEC World 2018 in the coming weeks and months, but for now this is a quick review of some of the highlights from the world’s largest composites trade show.
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