Airbus opens Aerospace Integrated Research and Test Centre

Jointly funded by Airbus and the U.K. government’s ATI program, the £40 million research and testing facility serves to undertake structural testing of large-scale aircraft assemblies.
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Collin Aerospace selected for A320 Airspace cabin passenger service unit upgrades

The units will enhance flight experience, while optimizing weight, durability and performance via composite materials.


Teijin Tenax carbon fiber prepreg adopted for UltraFan aeroengine nacelle

Prepreg developed specifically for aircraft applications using high-performance and rapid-curing epoxy resin, with low-temp molding and automated processing capabilities.
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Airbus updates single-aisle aircraft production plans 

Per its expectations for a 2023-2025 commercial aircraft market recovery, Airbus confirms a rise in A320, A220 and A350 production rates.
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Airbus delivers 100th composites-intensive A400M

Delivery to the Spanish Air Force adds to several additional achievements, including the A400M’s new certified capabilities and 100,000 flight hours recorded for its global fleet.
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Axillium to support, manage U.K.’s ASCEND program

Innovation management partner Axillium explains its role in development of the Aerospace and Automotive Supply Chain Enabled Development (ASCEND) program launched in the U.K. in March 2021.
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Airbus to create two new integrated aerostructures assembly companies, transform European setup

Plan to combine France and Germany activities with composite aerostructures assembly companies Stelia Aerospace and Premium Aerotec respectively, and integrate them wholly under Airbus.
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Airbus ASCEND program to explore liquid hydrogen and superconductivity for zero-emission aircraft

Cryogenic hydrogen as cold source for lightweight, low-electrical loss powertrain, with composite materials as possible insulation.
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Carbon Fibers

Wing of Tomorrow ribs: One-shot, thermoplastic, OOA consolidation

GKN Aerospace’s carbon fiber thermoplastic aircraft rib design accomplishes 45-minute cycle times, reduced weight and competitive costs via a customized press system.
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Airbus PERIOD project to pioneer satellite factory in space

PERIOD consortium to prepare concept for in-orbit demonstrator for satellite assembly and manufacturing in space, with potential for composite materials. 
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Advancing the OOA infused wing box

MTorres integrates lower cover, front and rear spars into unitized flying demonstrator using one-shot, low-cost, portable production.
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Hot drape forming

Heat, vacuum and/or pressure advance from debulking prepreg layups to automated preforming of dry reinforcements for faster composites production.
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The path to OOA wings with minimal fasteners

A review of the quest to eliminate both the autoclave and mechanical fasteners in composite wing structures.
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IIAMS wing box road map to certification

Airbus DS uses Clean Sky demonstrators as part of broad strategy to ready next-gen aircraft technology for flight.
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The evolution of the commercial aerospace landscape

Following the grounding of the 737 and the downturn caused by the pandemic, Boeing finds itself a distant second to Airbus. What should it do?
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Airbus updates A320, A220 production rates

Market environment responses will see current A320 and A220 production rate plans slowly ramp up as 2021 progresses. Airbus expects the commercial aircraft market to return to pre-COVID-19 levels by 2023-2025.


Airbus releases 2020 orders and deliveries

The company reports 383 new orders and 566 deliveries in 2020 across all market segments.
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Airbus awards A400M supply contract to Teledyne CML Composites

The contract includes thermoplastic composite wing components, in line with Teledyne CML Composites’ recent investments in thermoplastics processing.
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EcoPulse hybrid aircraft demonstrator completes Preliminary Design Review

PDR completion paves the way toward validating the project’s feasibility and firming up the architecture for a first flight scheduled in 2022.


Airbus delivers first A400M to the Belgian Air Force

Despite challenges caused by the pandemic, Airbus’ teams have achieved all 10 aircraft deliveries scheduled this year, bringing the A400M global fleet in operation to 98 aircraft.
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