Carbon Fibers

AVK announces winners of 2020 Innovation Awards

Several sustainable composite innovations were recognized and awarded in the Innovative Products/Applications, Innovative Processes and Research and Science categories.


Concordia University leverages Swiftcomp VABS software

The university is using AnalySwift’s simulation software as part of the company’s Academic Partner Program to research composite tubes, particularly those used in helicopter landing gear.

Carbon Fibers

Episode 33: Ethan Escowitz, Arris Composites

CW Talks checks in with Ethan Escowitz, co-founder and CEO of Arris Composites, to learn about the Additive Molding technology his company has developed.

Plaitaine IIoT solution improves Brazilian facility's manufacturing operation

The integration of Plataine’s solution into Alestis Aerospace’s Brazilian facility automates production workflow, optimizes cut-planning processes, saving time, cost and material.

Glass Fibers

Moi Composites debuts 3D-printed glass fiber boat

Moi used its patented CFM 3D printing technology for depositing continuous fibers impregnated with thermosetting resin to develop MAMBO’s unique design. 


AI-based software solution improves Enercon's cutting and kitting operations

Plataine's optimization software solution enables Enercon to meet market demand, automate manufacturing processes and significantly reduce production costs and material waste.


Adapa A/S technology chosen for flexible composite design and manufacture

The University of Stuttgart Institute of Aircraft Design is using adaptive mold technology to develop composite products and automated robotic manufacture processes for the construction industry.

Airborne launches Industrialization Partner Model

The model acts as a composite industrialization guide, enabling support from early composite production development up to technological implementation.  

Additive Manufacturing

Orbital Composites, ORNL collaborate to advance robotic polymer and composite AM

The research will focus on the development of a commercially-ready system capable of robotic overprinting on pre-manufactured non-planar surfaces, with multi-material polymers and continuous fiber. 

Additive Manufacturing

Teton launches Smart Slice simulation 3D printing tool

The software automatically optimizes slicing parameters for 3D printers, reduces print iterations and provides near instant feedback on the viability of a user’s project.


Addcomposites and Effman partner to provide AFP cells for SMEs

Aim is affordable, enclosed composites manufacturing cells for many different processes (AFP, grinding, buffing, sanding, drilling) in North American market. 


All-composite EV wheel moves to next development phase

U.K. consortium partners’ ACRIM II project aims to develop a low-cost, lightweight, all-composite wheel for electric vehicle applications.


Hexagon vision inspection eliminates manual inspection process

According to AMRC’s case study, Hexagon’s composite inspection technology uses 3D modeling to scan and map fiber orientation data, generating a 3D profile of the part being inspected.

Carbon Fibers

Teijin Ltd. Tenax carbon fiber qualified for Airbus A320neo

Tenax dry reinforcements non-crimp fabrics and braided fibers will form the skins and stiffeners via automated RTM.


Quickstep Technology selects JETCAM and CrossTrack for nesting and material tracking

In its final stages of JETCAM testing, Quickstep maintains its future expansion plans for Industry 4.0 functionality and a paperless factory.

Compression Molding

TPRC investigates AFP in-situ consolidation alternative

The two-step process involves deposition of thermoplastic prepreg via AFP, followed by vacuum-bag-only (VBO). Research has already been completed in the qualitative stage. 

Siemens AG, SAP accelerate digital transformation with partnership

Integration of software solutions across PLM, ERP, asset management and supply chain will drive digital transformation across enterprises.

Kane Robotics introduces low-cost automation for composite bond preparation

Collaborative robots use algorithm-based quality inspection systems to automate assembly and finishing processes for composite aerospace structures.


DrapeCube offers cost-effective preforming process for FRP textile production

The DrapeCube offers a cost-effective design for the production of fiber preforms from textile semi-finished products.

Additive Manufacturing

Fortify launches Flux One 3D printer for fiber-reinforced polymers

Flux One achieves new material properties and improved functionality with a continuous kinetic mixing (CKM) module and Fluxprint magnetic alignment to manage fiber orientation. 

Eastman Machine appoints TeCS as U.K. representative

TeCS has established an Eastman technical demonstration facility inside composites specialist Kamm Projects Ltd. in Newcastle, U.K.


Conbility: Mass production of composite tape laminates

RWTH Aachen spin-off scales up production for low-cost, in-situ consolidated composites as inserts for lighter, cheaper injection-molded parts.

Carbon Fibers

Composites 4.0: Digital transformation, adaptive production, new paradigms

An evolving landscape of automation, sensors and AI software is not an end, but a means to achieve the cost, quality, efficiency and agility required for future manufacturing.  

Carbon Fibers

PlasmaBound completes €1.1 million investment round

Ireland-based PlasmaBound has developed controlled polymer ablation (CPA) technology, which joins structural adhesives to composites materials.