3D printing large composite molds with a 5-axis CNC machine

Hungarian manufacturer uses CEAD Robot Extruder to cut composite tooling time and cost.


Carbon fiber tapes enhance performance of cross-country skis

A ski manufacturer uses Hexcel dry carbon fiber tapes to increase cross-country ski performance, manufacturing efficiency and surface finish.

Glass Fibers

Microfiber-infused resin enables single-step molding process

Spoke Materials’ reinforced liquid composites provide alternative fabrication methods.

Mass Transit

JEC World 2020 preview

JEC World 2020, the largest composites-focused trade event, will be held March 3-5 at the Paris Nord Villepinte Exhibition Centre.


Continuous fiber-reinforced thermoplastic composites enable wheel blade for all-electric SUV

Covestro’s Maezio continuous fiber-reinforced thermoplastic (CFRTP) composites are being used in the production of a wheel blade for NIO’s all-electric SUV.


Tech Table: Adhesives

A table of aerospace structural adhesives includes collected from data provided by suppliers. 


CFRP bests steel in precision ball joints

Near-zero backlash in bearings and automation components.  


Prepreg cutting system reduces waste, speeds assembly of Swiss business jet

Swiss aircraft manufacturer cites years of Zünd digital cutting systems as part of the success story for several iterations of commercial aircraft.


Composite insert as a structural reinforcement for A-pillars

A Porsche structural A-pillar reduces weight and increases strength with a hybrid part combining thermoplastic composites, steel and structural foam.

Glass Fibers

Fiberglass industrial fan manufacturer builds on tradition

Collaboration produces large diameter low noise application composite axial flow fan.


A digital approach to automation

One aerostructures manufacturer’s journey from hand layup to AFP.

Natural Fibers

Natural fiber enables e-bike for package delivery

New parcel delivery vehicle concept employs a natural fiber prepreg for low weight, vibration dampening, non-conductivity and flame retardancy.


FRP pultrusions replace wood for structural applications

Unlike wood, fiber-reinforced polymer (FRP) is unaffected by salt spray, moisture or prolonged immersion in water, making it a good material choice for structural applications in harsh environments.

Additive Manufacturing

Additive manufacturing speeds wind tunnel model creation

A new composite material was developed to 3D-print a helicopter model that met structural needs while providing flexibility for fast reproduction.


Ballistic panels protect school

A composites manufacturer has developed military-grade pultruded panels that are being used to protect schools in case of violent intruders.


Multimaterial carbon fiber composite engine brace

The project’s aim was to produce a lighter, composite version of an aluminum Audi engine brace, with a more aesthetic molded shape.

Carbon Fibers

Combining materials for better bicycles

Bicycle manufacturer HIA Velo combines composite materials to make its products more durable.

Carbon Fibers

Foiling motoryacht impresses in carbon fiber/epoxy

A project is underway to build a faster, lighter, hybrid-electric motorboat with foils and hull fabricated from carbon fiber and epoxy.


Composites restore drinking water in historic Amsterdam

A fiberglass-reinforced liner helped resurrect a corroded waterline pipe.

Basalt fiber gives prosthetics more “give”

Prosthetics and orthotics often take advantage of composite materials’ strength and durability. Basalt fiber has given manufacturer Coyote Design (Boise, ID, US) a performance edge.

Glass Fibers

Racing catamaran still performing

Gougeon Brothers Inc. created a composite racing catamaran in 1990 that is still setting speed records decades later.


High-precision carbon fiber pultrusions for CERN

Tight-tolerance composite structures enable one of the world’s leading laboratories for particle physics.

Carbon Fibers

Durable UAV speeds to production

3D-printed prototypes used to accelerate design iterations and expedite manufacturing plans.

Glass Fibers

New board makes windsurfing available to all

Making the windsurfing sport available to all