Joint venture strengthens Bostik instant engineering adhesives business

Investment in Crackless Monomer Co. accelerates development and production of specialty cyanoacrylate monomers on an industrial scale.


Huntsman Corp. acquires Gabriel Performance Products

Gabriel will continue the strategic growth of its specialty additives and epoxy curing agents for the coatings, adhesives and composites end markets with Huntsman.

Composite resins price change report

CW’s running summary of resin price change announcements from major material suppliers that serve the composites manufacturing industry.

Scott Bader and Pultex announce partnership

Pultex will act as distributor of Crestabond and Crestomer high-quality structural adhesives for composite applications in Germany.


Molecular Plasma Group introduces automated technology for adhesion promotion

MolecularGRIP combines atmospheric plasma treatment with adhesion promoter chemistry for automated, environmentally-friendly adhesion promotion on material surfaces.


Hexcel, Safran expand contract for composite materials in commercial aerospace programs

Long-term supplier contract amended to include Hexcel’s HexTow IM7 for the GE9X engine, as well as core, adhesives, prepregs and fabrics for additional aerospace applications.


Composites One, 3M Aerospace partner to extend aerospace industry services

Composites One will now offer a portfolio of 3M’s innovative film adhesive and primers solutions, with a commitment to supply the aerospace market.


ATL Composites contributes to concrete pillar remediation project

Six new support pillars incorporate Hexcel ZU300 UD carbon fiber and ATL’s Technirez R2517 epoxy resin with H2431 slow hardener that will protect against storm water issues.


WEAV3D composite material approved for infrastructure reinforcement applications

Durable, strong and resistant to corrosion, the thermoplastic-based lattice material is suitable for use in Oldcastle Infrastructure’s polymer concrete and sheet molding compound (SMC) composite products. 


Kisling epoxy adhesive improves carbon fiber bonding performance in automotive applications

The 2K-Epoxy ergo 7440 offers the removal of the bond-line read-through, attain high temperature resistance, avoids contact corrosion and enables quick turnaround during production.


Solvay and Boeing sign long-term enterprise agreement

Solvay’s contract extension covers composites and adhesives across all Boeing commercial and defense aircraft programs. 

Filament Winding

Techsil, Panacol offer Vitralit adhesive for filament winding

The transparent one-component epoxy adhesive and curing system is ideal for carbon fiber or glass fiber filament winding.


Avient debuts improved adhesive resin formulations for thermoset pultrusions

The Glasforms resin formulation cuts down on time, labor and simplifies the manufacturing process for thermoset pultrusions.


EconCore, Toray and Bostik collaborate on FST-qualified thermoplastic honeycomb panels

Developed for mass transportation applications, including aircraft interiors, the material improves upon the cost, sustainability and versatility of conventional sandwich layup.

Carbon Fibers

Kraibon elastomer improves adhesion and composite material properties

Gummiwerk KRAIBURG’s elastomer product protects against impact, directly adheres to materials, improves damping properties and more.

Bitrez launches online service offering technical data on coatings, adhesives, composites

My Bitrez acts as a comprehensive source for latest developments and technical information on a broad portfolio of specialist resins.

Scott Bader joins CHAMPION project to research novel bio-based polymers

The bio-based polymers aim to replace conventional polymers in a variety of applications and promote alternative to end-of-life waste.

Proposed Fixatti acquisition reinforces Arkema thermobonding adhesives business

The proposed acquisition would strengthen Arkema’s global offering of hotmelt adhesive solutions and target its goal to become a pure specialty materials player by 2024.

More efficient reusable vacuum bags

SWORL Inc. is featuring new accessory products to facilitate bag production, vacuum sealing, removal and reinstallation of its reusable vacuum bags. 


CAMX 2020 exhibit preview: Renegade Materials Corp.

Renegade Materials Corp. is promoting its prepregs, resins and adhesive products.


CAMX 2020 preview: Abaris Training Resources

Louis C. Dorworth, direct services manager of Abaris, is moderating a CAMX 2020 panel and presenting a tutorial on bonding and joining of composites.


Tech Table: Mold release agents

A table of mold release agents collected from data provided by suppliers. 

Carbon Fibers

The industrialization of thermoplastic epoxy

Fast-processing composites that are strong yet tough, thermoformable, reformable, recyclable and even FST-compliant save cost in aircraft and rail equipment.


Saertex supports HyFiVE research project for maritime lightweight construction

Saertex will focus on development of adhesive-free joining technologies and FST-compliant composites for shipbuilding.

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