Radiant Heating Options for Composite Materials

September 18, 2019

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This presentation will cover new radiant heating options in the composites industry; including infrared emitters, Black Infrared, and Humm3 technologies.

Primary Topics:
• Different types of heating solutions for industrial processes
• Where radiant heating is and is not a good option
• Radiant heating options including new/existing infrared, and optical technologies
• Composite application examples


Kyle Hudspeth
Sales Manager Americas - Arc/Flash, Heraeus Noblelight
Kyle Hudspeth is the Business Development Manager for the Optics Flash and Humm3 process technologies in the Americas for Heraeus Noblelight.

Bruce Flicks
Sales Manager Americas - Black Infrared, Heraeus Noblelight
Bruce Fricks is a Chemical Engineer, focused on Black IR applications for Heraeus Noblelight.

Martin Dieumegarde
Sales Manager Americas - Composites, Heraeus Noblelight
Martin Dieumegarde is a Mechanical Engineer, focused on the aerospace industry for Heraeus Noblelight.