Short Course on Progressive Composite Damage Modeling in LS-DYNA

March 12 - 12, 2019

Progressive damage modeling of composites under low velocity impact, and high velocity impact is of interest to many applications including car crash, impact on pressure vessels, perforation and penetration of thin and thick section composites. This course will provide a comparison between available composite models in LS-DYNA for shell and solid elements, e.g., MAT2, MAT54, MAT59, & MAT162. Among these material models, rate dependent progressive composite damage model MAT162 is considered as the state of the art. This short course will include the theory and practice of MAT162 composite damage model with applications to low and intermediate impact velocities, understanding the LS-DYNA programming parameters related to impact-contact, damage evolution, perforation and penetration of thin- and thick-section composites. Printed copies of all lecture notes will be provided along with a CD containing all example LS-DYNA keyword input decks used in this short course.

University of Delaware - Center for Composite Materials
Composite Manufacturing Science Laboratory
Newark, DE United States of America