Seamless Versatility in AFP

September 08, 2020

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The requirements of modern AFP production cells are rapidly expanding in both capability and expectation. Ingersoll Machine Tools presents a seamless approach to integrating functionality such as AFP, ATL, ultrasonic trim, automated inspection, and laser projection into a single, cohesive production unit for robotic and non-robotic platforms.

Primary Topics:

  • Current industry trends in AFP
  • The role of modular functionality in AFP
  • The role of software in state of the art AFP


Kris Czaja
Lead Process Engineer, Ingersoll Machine Tools
BS Physics, Astronomy, Math - University of Illinois-Champaign Urbana
BS Mechanical Engineering - Northern Illinois University
10 years at Ingersoll developing composite technologies and processes including AFP, automated inspection, and 3D printing.

John Dreher
Software Engineering Manager, Ingersoll Machine Tools
PhD in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Kansas
10 years at Ingersoll
20+ years experience in software development/engineering/R&D for intelligent systems, advanced manufacturing, and industrial automation