The Art and Science of Creating Quality Composite Tools with Toray AmberTool materials

January 30, 2020

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Quality composite tools come only from the highest quality composite prepreg materials and experienced processing. Careful adherence to detailed tool consolidation methods during each step of the tooling construction is critical to ensure durable tools with a smooth surface. Once the tool is constructed, it is also important to take steps to maintain tooling performance throughout the life cycle. The Toray AmberTool® experts will share proven techniques of tooling construction, maintenance, and initial tooling design learned from 25 years of experience.

Primary Topics:

  • Tool medium selection
  • Key points in tool design
  • Tool lamination tips
  • Composite tooling expectations

Jed Illsley
Product Manager - Thermoset, Toray Advanced Composites
Jed Illsley commenced working in the composites industry in 1978. His first steps with ACG were with Heanor- UK from ‘78-‘88. Jed has worked with AmberTool® products for many years and through several acquisitions. He has held various technical, sales and management roles to support the tooling and general prepreg markets in Europe, the Unites States, and Asia. Currently Jed is the global lead for the growth of the AmberTool® prepreg tooling series, leading instruction for workshops and guiding tooling projects for customers worldwide.