Simulating the Curing of Your Composite Part - Boost Your Production with Kinetics Neo

September 06

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Kinetics Neo is a standalone software package for the simulation of reactive processes. As part of the NETZSCH Composite Story, the focus of this webinar is on the simulation of curing processes of thermoset-based composites. You will learn how easy it is to simulate material behavior using Kinetics Neo and predict different process scenarios to save resources and optimize your process, sustainably. 

Primary Topics: 
- Introduction into the principle of kinetic modeling 
- The easy-to-use software Kinetics Neo 
- How kinetic simulation improves your process and boosts your capabilities 

Presenter: John Erne 
John Erne studied chemistry and microbiology at the University of Oklahoma, focusing on separations techniques. 
Since 2011 he has held a range of responsibilities including analytical laboratory and field service work in oil and gas, polymers, and materials science. 
John joined NETZSCH Instruments in 2017 as the technical sales manager for the Texas & Mexico region of North America.