Composites and Graphene: Stronger Together

October 09, 2019

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Composites have emerged as the leading industrial application to take advantage of graphene, a unique 2 dimensional nano-material that was only isolated in 2004 and for which the Nobel Prize for physics was awarded in 2010. 

Graphene offers tremendous potential to take existing and new composite materials to another level of performance. One of the things that makes graphene so interesting is that it offers multiple benefits, including potential improvements in strength, electrical conductivity, heat transfer, EMI shielding and others. 

Another fascinating aspect of graphene is that relatively small amounts, often less than 1% by weight or even much less can provide interesting results. 

This webinar will provide you insights into the types of graphene on the market today and how they are making composites stronger, better and lighter.

Primary Topics:

  • Understand the different types and grades of graphene materials
  • Understand the range of plastics, polymers, and epoxies that graphene may be suitable for to enhance their properties
  • Understand what you need to know about how to select and handle the right material for your target application

Terrance Barkan CAE
Executive Director, The Graphene Council
Terrance Barkan CAE is the Executive Director of The Graphene Council, founded in 2013 to serve the global graphene academic and professional community. He brings almost 30 years of international trade and professional association experience to the table and has assembled the world's largest collection of graphene experts and practitioners. He is joined on this webinar by leading experts in the production and application of graphene.