The Rise of Robots in Manufacturing

May 20, 2021 |

Unless someone is involved in manufacturing, when a person hears the word robot, they most likely picture a machine out of a sci-fi film that resembles a human. The term robot probably also draws up the fear in most of us that robots will someday make our jobs obsolete.

In fact, robots already exist in many manufacturing facets to improve quality, efficiency, and profitability. This webinar seeks to explain the different processes that currently take advantage of the unique skillset robots offer, the pros and cons of selecting robotics, the future projections of robots, and why we should welcome them with open arms instead of dreading their arrival.


  • How robots are currently used in manufacturing
  • The pros and cons of robots vs. other platforms
  • The projected use of robots in the future

Presenter 1:

Olivier Munaux

Composite Product Specialist

Dr. Olivier Munaux has been with CGTech as Composite Product Specialist for VERICUT software since 2017. He graduated from Cranfield University with a Ph.D. in the field of geometric modeling. His experience acquired while working in some major aerospace programs has led him to be a world leading expert in composite structure design optimization.