Individual Tow Tension Control for Higher Quality Production and Less Waste

September 01

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Innovations in composites manufacturing has made individual tow tension control more cost effective than ever. Gaining precise, consistent, easy to use tension control eliminates guesswork and operator dependencies, "good enough" results, and waste. This webinar will detail the latest in tow tension control technology, and how this technology can be easily incorporated into existing applications. 

Control even the slightest changes in tension on each and every single tow for uniform, consistent processing to maximize your productivity and profitability!

Primary Topics:

  • How to incorporate closed-loop tow tension control in your process
  • Overview of tension control in composites manufacturing
  • Walk-through of the Montalvo Vanguard closed-loop tension control system
  • Tension control in converting processes - laminating, slitting, etc.


Bryon Williams
Chief Operating Officer, Montalvo
Bryon has been with Montalvo for over 10 years and has been a key part of Montalvo's composites tension control initiative over the last 5 years. A regular at industry events, speaker at multiple CAMX shows, and contributor to articles for CW and JEC magazine, Bryon has a background in marketing and sales with a Master's from St. Joseph's College of Maine.