Carbonized Yarn, Felt, and Fabric Properties, Applications, and Opportunities

November 06, 2019

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In this webinar we will review materials that are produced by carbonizing various oxidized polyacrylonitrile product forms.  Specifically, we will begin by describing the manufacturing methods used to produce carbonized yarns, felts and fabrics. Then we will review the physical and chemical properties of these carbonized products and also discuss applications where these materials are used. Finally, we will describe some new opportunities where the unique properties of carbonized products may be best applied.

Primary Topics:
• Manufacturing methods for carbonized yarns, felt and fabrics.
• Unique characteristics and technical properties of carbonized products.
• End uses and applications of carbonized materials.
• New opportunities for carbonized materials


Alan Handerman
General Manager - Technical Fibers, Zoltek
Alan Handermann serves as the General Manager of Zoltek’s Technical Fiber’s division; leading global business development efforts for Zoltek OX, PX30, PXFT and PXFB product lines.  Alan has over 35 years of technical and product and business development experience in the areas of high-performance fibers, composite materials, polymers and membranes.