Utilization of Continuous Fiber Pre-preg in Compression Molding

March 13

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An introduction to continuous fiber reinforced pre-preg material and how these strong, stiff, lightweight, and corrosion resistant materials can produce affordable parts using a compression molding process. Furthermore, a co-molding approach will be explored whereby detailed features such as bosses, ribs and the part periphery are molded with discontinuous fibers, minimizing secondary trimming, increasing geometric complexity and, thus, further opening the design and process window for thermoset composites.      

Primary Topics:

- How composites are designed and built
- Differences between continuous fiber and discontinuous fiber reinforced materials
- How continuous fiber pre-preg can be predictable, scalable and affordable
- Considerations how these materials can be engineered for application requirements



Dustin Davis is the Director of Technology and Business Development for Norplex-Micarta. With nearly 20 years of thermoset composite experience, Mr. Davis will present the development of these materials.

Jeff Okeke is an Applications Engineer for Norplex-Micarta. Mr. Okeke designed with composite materials in the Oil and Gas industry before joining the company, and will share two case studies that highlight the advantages of the EnableX approach.