Alignment of a 5-Axis Universal Head, Using A Ball-End Test Arbor

October 05, 2020

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There are many ways to measure and align machine tools. The purpose of this webinar is to show a quick and simple way of checking the alignment of a 5-axis head. Senior metrology expert Marty Sutten will explain the use of a ball-end test arbor to align a 5-axis universal head, while examining all the sources of error, and reviewing the proper techniques on how to measure and isolate them. When you correctly utilize a ball-end test arbor, the set up time is minimal and multiple measurements can be taken simultaneously. Additionally, CMS will discuss the many sources of misalignment, from machine mishaps to programming errors.

Primary Topics:

  • The correct uses of a ball-end test arbor
  • The use of machine parameters to align a tool to center point
  • The interrelationships between axis
  • An explanation of different types of electronic compensations

Marty Sutten
Senior Metrologist, CMS North America
Marty Sutten has been in the field of Metrology and CNC technical maintenance for 25+ years, making him CMS North America’s premiere Metrology expert.