Cleaning Composite Lay-Up Tooling Up to 15x Faster

July 29, 2020

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The process of deep cleaning metallic layup tools to bare metal is cumbersome, antiquated, and dangerous to both employees and the environment. Adapt Laser has a proven solution that involves our handheld or automated laser cleaning solution to solve all of these issues: up to 15 times faster than hand sanding, safer than dry ice blasting, and proven business cases with payback in about a year.

Primary Topics:

  • How laser cleaning works
  • Successful applications
  • Lay-up tooling laser success stories

Nick Davidson
Chief Operating Officer, Adapt Laser
After working in multiple roles for Lockheed Martin, Nick joined Adapt Laser in 2017 as the Business Development Director before being promoted to the COO in 2018. He is passionate about developing solutions for all customers and is the aerospace and defense contractor main point of contact.