Industrial Computed Tomography for Composites

October 12

In this webinar you will learn some basics about industrial computed 
tomography (CT), get an overview of what the industry currently 
offers for industrial users, and be provided practical examples of this 
technology. You will be shown sample data sets for composites used in consumer goods, transportation, automotive, and aerospace. Existing features in 3D software will be introduced including brilliant color representation of fibers showing the orientation. 

Primary Topics: 
• Basics of industrial computed tomography 
• 3D visualization of CT data sets 
• Sample CT scans of composite materials 
• Fiber orientation analysis 

Presenter: Dirk Steiner 
Dirk Steiner graduated from the Hamburg University of Applied Sciences in 1998. He joined YXLON to write his thesis on “Ergonomic Defect Detection in Castings”. With his background in technical computer science he was a software programmer focusing on X-ray image processing. After two years he became a project manager for large X-ray system. In 2004 he move on within YXLON and became a technical sales expert with the main focus on industrial computed tomography. Since the 2012 he resides in the USA and is helping to grow the market in the North America. 

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