Camera-Assisted Laser Projection for Acceleration of Manual Composite Lay-Up

June 05

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Laser projection systems are key components in manual composite manufacturing, for example in the aviation industry, to increase process efficiency and process reliability. For precise laser projection during composite lay-up, proper calibration of the tool is essential. Automatic calibration by camera during operation can significantly reduce setup times saving valuable time in production. Manufacturing centers that produce small to mid-size composite parts also demands flexible manufacturing concepts. The webinar will give practical demonstration how a camera system together with a laser positioning system can support both accelerated composite manufacturing processes and flexible and versatile production concepts in a Smart Factory. 

Primary Topics: 
- How laser projection + camera system support composite lay-up on 3D tools 
- How camera assistance speeds up calibration in composite manufacturing 
- In practice: Automatic calibration and further options of IR camera 
- Flexible production processes in a Smart Factory 

Matthias Lange, Product Manager, LAP GmbH Laser Applikationen 

Matthias Lange is Product Manager at LAP’s headquarters in Germany. He is responsible for the product management of LAP laser projection systems. Mr. Lange joined LAP in 2001 and has an extensive background in laser systems. Prior to his current position, he served as Project Leader and Leader Purchase Department. Matthias Lange is certified electrical engineer and started his career as electronics installer with specialization for systems engineering.