Rapid Build Tooling Process for Ambient and High Temperature FRP Molds and Fixtures

June 26

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This presentation will start with a brief history on the fabrication techniques used over the last 70 years to manufacture FRP molds and fixtures. Next, the webinar will focus on the current state of the art method in tooling - utilizing infusion processes with low viscosity, ambient temperature cure, and shrink controlled resin technology. The webinar will conclude with a discussion on the next generation of tooling that utilizes digital processing and additive (3D) manufacturing. 

Primary Topics:

  • History of FRP tooling fabrication
  • Infusion process advantages for tool making
  • Ambient temperature processing guidelines
  • High temperature tolling capabilities 

Rick Pauer, Applications Specialist 

Rick Pauer has been involved in the FRP industry for over 46 years. His positions over the years include lab synthesis, process engineering, formulating, manufacturing, product development, and business management in both resins and fiber glass. He is a member of both SAMPE and ACMA as well as Treasurer of the Pultrusion Industry Council. Rick is an active speaker and has presented on areas of composite mold making, 3D printing, open molding, and closed molding for fiber reinforced composite applications. He is a graduate of Valparaiso University with a BS degree in Business Administration.