3D Printing of Multi-functional Structures Seminar

February 11 - 11, 2019

This digital design and additive manufacturing seminar from the University of Delaware’s Center for Composite Materials (UD-CCM) includes a presentation from Eric MacDonald, Ph.D., P.E., called “3D Printing of Multi-Functional Structures.”

Learn more from the seminar abstract:

“Until recently, 3D printing has been relegated to fabricating conceptual models and prototypes; however, increasingly, research is now focusing on fabricating functional end-use products. As patents for 3D printing expire, new low-cost desktop systems are being adopted more widely and this trend is leading to products being fabricated locally. However, currently the technology is limited in the number of materials used in fabrication and consequently is confined to fabricating simple static structures. For additively manufactured end-use products to be economically meaningful, additional functionalities are required to be incorporated in terms of electronic, electromechanical, electromagnetic, thermodynamic, chemical and optical content. By interrupting the 3D printing and employing complementary manufacturing processes, additional functional content can be included in mass customized structures. This presentation will review work in multi-process 3D printing for creating structures with electromechanical actuation, electro-propulsion and the Internet of Things with an emphasis on defense relevant applications.”


CCM Room 106
Newark, DE United States of America