Tool Design for Complex Composite Manufacturing

May 27, 2020

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Complex Geometry Composite Inlet Duct & Smart Tool

Tooling design for composite manufacturing fundamentals such as laminate bulk factor, tooling thermal compensation, and tooling tolerance/surface finish are often discussed, but not well understood nor properly deployed. Likewise, in processing composites, various factors impacting part quality like reliable seal/bagging strategy, cure cycle, breathing strategy, etc. all need to be considered during the design stage. 

Using an actual case study of a multi shear web integrated control surface, Smart Tooling will review the application of the above fundamentals enabling successful complex composite fabrication.

Primary Topics:

  • Understand/apply bulk & scale factors, cure optimization, & ply design
  • Understand/apply advanced vacuum-bagging techniques
  • Understand/apply laminate design

Tom Margraf
Vice President of Engineering, Spintech Holdings, Inc.