Save Time by Automating Design and Manufacturing with Fibersim’s Multi-Ply Design Methodology

October 18

Fibersim offers a comprehensive array of design methodologies to address the challenges of modern composite structure development, from the flexible simplicity of ply-based design to the structured automation of zone-based design. This presentation will explore the benefits of the multi-ply design methodology and how to apply it to multiple part types. 

Primary Topics: 
• What multi-ply design with Fibersim is 
• How to trade-off between the various design methodologies Fibersim has to offer 
• The downstream benefits of leveraging automation enabled by multi-ply design 
• How to use multi-ply design to manage complex splicing scenarios 

Presenter: Nathan Kaufman 
Nathan Kaufman is the Technical Product Manager for Fibersim and has been with Siemens PLM Software (formerly Vistagy, Inc.) since 2006. Prior to joining Vistagy, Mr. Kaufman worked at Parametric Technology Corp and has over 13 years experience in modeling software. He has a bachelor's degree in Mechanical Engineering from Boston University. 

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