Fundamentals of Fiber Sizing and Emerging Trends and Solutions

November 05, 2019

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Even though fiber sizing is a small percentage of a composite, it plays a notably significant role in the interface properties between the surface of a fiber and the composite matrix. Michelman manufactures a variety of dispersions and emulsions of polymers and waxes used by reinforcement fiber and composite fabric manufacturers as carbon fiber sizing, glass fiber sizing, binders, and lubricants, which are specifically designed to optimize properties of composites made with various resins or plastics. This webinar will help attendees learn more about choosing the right fiber sizing to improve composite performance for various applications.

Primary Topics:

  • What is fiber sizing
  • Fiber sizing benefits
  • Fiber polymer matrix interface
  • Fiber sizing chemistries, product portfolio, and emerging trends & solutions


Steven Bassetti
Group Marketing Director, Industrial Manufacturing Group
Steve has over thirty years of commercial experience in areas such as engineering plastics, chemical intermediate manufacturing, fiberglass manufacturing, polymer composite component manufacturing, engineered wood release coatings, and polymer science. He has contributed to the success of organizations such as Celanese, Johns Manville, and Arizona Chemical, and his cultivation of university-industry collaborations over this same period has advanced the composite industry forward with the development and commercialization of new products. Steve completed his undergraduate studies at the Worcester Polytechnic Institute and his MBA at Pace University's Lubin School of Business.