Workshop on "Recycled Carbon Fibres for high value composites"

November 28 - 28, 2019


The workshop aims to encourage an effective communication among the companies of the value chain. The last developments and innovations on recycled carbon fibers will be showed by important companies in the sector. The presentations will be focused on recycled carbon fiber properties, composite material transformation processes, equipment and applications.
Strategic speeches will be held by two leaders in the field of recycled carbon fibers at global level: Mr. Torsten MÜLLER (Fraunhofer ICT), who will focus on transportation field, and Mr. Frazer BARNES (ELG Carbon Fibre), who will contextualize the role of recycling in the development of the carbon fiber industry.

The workshop is part of the dissemination activities of the REVALUE project – “REcycled carbon fibres for high VALUE composites.”


Recycled Carbon Fibre Workshop

Palazzo Granafei-Nervegna
Brindisi , Italy