Strategic Shifts in Recycling Enables Growth for Compounders, Injection Molders, and 3D Filament Producers

January 15

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Carbon Fiber Recyclling has created a shift in the use of Aerospace grade materials for industrial applications. Compounders, Injection molders, and 3d filament producers are now able to gain access to a sustainable source of raw material due to technological advances in Carbon Fiber recycling. The uptake of recycled carbon fiber has come a long way through the development of patented technology creating new market opportunities. Viewers will come away with a clear understanding of possible applications as well as fabrication methods. 

Primary Topics: 
- Compoundeing, Injection molding, and 3d filament 
- Properties of recovered fibers 
- Carbon fiber reinforced thermoplastics 

Presenters: Stephen Rawson and Vamsi Patlolla 
Stephen is Senior partner with R&M International Sales corporation. Stephen has a Masters in international business and has 30+ years experience in international trade and origination of new business. 

Vamsi Patlolla is a PhD graduate from Wichita State university in mechanical engineering. His research is focused on composites and nanotechnology. He is the inventor of carbon pre-preg recycling process along with carbon fiber reinforced value added products.