Lightweight Composite Design with Automated Layup Manufacturing

July 19

Complex composites structures are becoming more common, especially in aeronautics. Composites preforms can now be manufactured by automated processes, such as automated fiber placement (AFP) and automated tape laying (ATL), to achieve the expected production volumes. 

This presentation will illustrate how Coriolis Software and Siemens PLM Software products can help composite designers, stress engineers, and NC programmers to collaborate together to optimize the design and manufacturing of complex CFRP laminates made by automated layup machines. 

Primary Topics: 
• How to predict manufacturing issues early in the design stage 
• How to improve the collaboration between composite design, stress analysis, and NC programming 
• The key factors for design for manufacturing with automated layup robots 
• How to optimize part design - doing trade-off studies with machine limitations and for various material types

Presenters: Yvan Blanchard and Leigh Hudson 
Yvan Blanchard is in charge of software business development and partnership programs for Coriolis Software. He joined the company in 2008 as a software product manager, working on CAD package integration, FEA, and software partnerships. Before Coriolis, he worked as a stress engineer and software developer for 7 years in the automotive industry. He received his master’s degree in mechanical engineering in 2001. 

Leigh Hudson is in Business Development and has been with Siemens PLM Software (formerly Vistagy, Inc.) for eleven years. Prior to his current position, he served as the Director of Product and Market Strategy for Fibersim and Technical Services Manager in Asia Pacific developing the indirect technical sales channels. His career in engineering began as a CAD administrator and designer at Harley-Davidson Motor Company. Mr. Hudson has earned a Bachelor of Science in mechanical engineering from the University of Wisconsin in Milwaukee and a Bachelor of Science in accountancy at Bentley University in Massachusetts.

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