Improved Wind Blade Layup Process Using Laser Projection

May 12, 2020

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wind turbine blades

The trend towards increased capacity of onshore and offshore wind turbines has strong impact on wind blade design: longer, lighter and stronger blades need to be built. To face higher quality and output requirements and overcome new challenges, wind blade manufacturers worldwide use laser projection systems in their layup processes. LAP, manufacturer of laser projection systems with years of experience in wind blade production, will give a live demonstration of the system's functionalities. LAP will explain how to integrate and use the system in order to significantly increase output, quality and process repeatability. Share experience and learn how to benefit from laser projection.

Primary Topics:

  • Live demo: Explore LAP's laser system to accelerate wind blade production
  • Work optimally with complex layup tasks - faster and with high repeatability
  • Increase process reliability using advanced features for quality assurance

Marie Hooper
Sales Manager, LAP
Marie started her career with LAP in 2006. As sales manager for CAD-PRO laser projection systems she is responsible for the worldwide business activities in the Aerospace and Wind Energy Industries. That longterm expertise has given her indepth know-how in Wind Power applications and profound knowledge in laser projection systems. She holds a Master in International Sales Management and brings a wealth of experience abroad. Before joining LAP, she worked as sales manager for various industrial companies.