Higher performance in composite manufacturing with laser projection

May 10

In composite manufacturing, laser projection based on CAD data is an effective tool to streamline manual lay-up processes. Digital laser templates for positioning of individual layers enable a faster, more precise and reliable production. But how is technical data being projected onto worktools? The LAP projection software PRO-SOFT 5 is an easy-to-use production tool to manage laser projection: Import of various CAD formats, calibration, editing laser projection files and optimizing them for specific tasks. Webinar attendees receive an in-depth presentation on how to efficiently improve productivity with the LAP CAD-PRO laser projection system and the advanced features of PRO-SOFT 5. 

Join the Webinar to: 
- Receive an overview of useful new functionalities of PRO-SOFT 5 
- Reap the benefits of laser projection for positioning and alignment 
- Learn how to use the built-in editor 
- Adapt imported data to your needs, export reports and log files 


Learn more: http://www.lap-laser.com/compositepro

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