ICWAM 2019 - International Congress on Welding, Additive Manufacturing and Non-Destructive Testing

June 05 - 07, 2019


ICWAM 2019, the second edition of the International Congress on Welding, Additive Manufacturing and associated non-destructive testing is organized by Institut de Soudure, the French Welding Institute (Villepinte, France). The event focuses on metals and composites technologies, comprising a scientific conference, technical exhibition and industrial visits.

The scientific conference will be held June 5- 6, 2019 in the new Metz Congress Robert Schuman Center. The program is designed to allow interaction among attendees and to promote an active dialogue between academic researchers and industry delegates. The technical exhibition will run in parallel with the scientific conference in the Metz Congress Robert Schuman Center on June 5-6. Visits to production sites and selected R&D centers are planned for June 7, with topics including:

- welding and wire-feed additive manufacturing;
- composite welding and processing;
- metal working & transformation.

Presentations of note for composites include:

  • The keynote “A review of new techniques for the manufacturing, welding and non-destructive testing of thermoplastic composites for tomorrow” by J.P. Cauchois of the Institute de Soudure.
  • “Additive Manufacturing for aerospace: current works in modeling, materials development and processing for composite parts manufacturing and remaining challenges” by A.N. Piccirelli, Safran Composites
  • “Improved CO2 footprint and cost structure in manufacturing high-performance thermoplastic composites using 3D printing” by M. Eichenhofer and G. Carolina, 9T Labs.
  • “Towards in-situ monitoring of composite additive manufacturing: reflections based on experiences gained from H2E and Hypactor projects” by S. Yaacoubi, F. Dahmene, M. El Mountassir and D. Chauveau, Institute de Soudure
  • “Printed electronics for the functionalization of composite parts” by IPC – Centre Technique Industriel d la Plasturgie et des Composites



Metz Congres Robert Schuman
Metz, France