Composites CNC: Doubling Machine Accuracy Through Calibration & Alignment

April 02

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The purpose of the webinar is to discuss and explain the correct and incorrect uses of machine calibration. Topics discussed will be sources of machine tool errors, types of machine tool calibrations and explanations of equipment used to preform machine calibration. The final objective is to prove that through correct machine calibrations, greater accuracy can be achieved. 

Primary Topics: 
- Sources of machine error 
- Methods of calibration 
- Tools used in calibration 

Presenter: Marty Sutten 
Marty Sutten, a service technician for CMS North America, has over 25 years of experience developing an unparalleled understanding of multiaxis CNC machining centers. His involvement in the manufacturing of advanced machines and decades of successful growth in metrology, with over 15 years as a calibration specialist, has cultivated an esteemed reputation and unwavering trust in his expertise in both the manufacturing and technology industry.