Top composites blog articles of 2015

Blog articles about additive manufacturing, 777X composite wings and colored carbon fiber all generated your interest in 2015.
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1/10th scale petal (ogive and upper barrel) tool for NASA SLS payload fairing made using No Oven, No Autoclave (NONA) materials. SOURCE: NONA Composites.

Blog articles about additive manufacturing, the 777X composite wings and colored carbon fiber all generated your interest in 2015. Here is a list of the top 10 most viewed CW blog articles for 2015. Can’t wait to see what 2016 will bring.

  1. Additive manufacturing: Metal vs. composites
  2. Composite tooling without oven or autoclave
  3. Colored carbon fiber
  4. Tires that never go flat
  5. Boeing offers insight on 787 composites lessons
  6. Unprecedented flex designed into 777X composite wings
  7. Composite flywheels: Finally picking up speed?
  8. Donauwörth as composites pioneer
  9. Wind energy: No blades needed?
  10. More from JEC: High-quality carbon fiber monocoques in two hours

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  • Fabrication methods

    There are numerous methods for fabricating composite components. Selection of a method for a particular part, therefore, will depend on the materials, the part design and end-use or application. Here's a guide to selection.

  • Carbon fiber race car technology hits the streets

    Porsche equips its new Carrera GT with the first-ever all-carbon chassis on a production automobile.

  • Cutting Infusion Time And Cost

    When open molders turn to infusion, careful planning, material selection and training precede process efficiency.