Aerospace Composites

Rolls-Royce opens composite fan blade facility in Bristol, U.K.

The facility is developing carbon fiber composite fan blades and fan cases for the Rolls-Royce UltraFan jet engine demonstrator.

Aerion Supersonic selects Potez Aéronautique as AS2 supplier

Aerostructures supplier Potez Aéronautique will design the doors of the AS2 supersonic business jet.

Rolls-Royce targets world speed records with all-electric plane

The recently-unveiled all-electric, zero-emissions plane is part of Rolls-Royce’s strategy for accelerating electric aircraft development.

Lockheed Martin, U.S. government sign 2020 F-35 sustainment contract

The $1.9 billion contract will support operations and sustainment of the global F-35 aircraft fleet and efforts to improve mission readiness and reduce costs.

Altair acquires newFASANT

newFASANT’s analysis software plugs into existing Altair solutions and expands offerings in areas like antenna design and placement, radome analysis and more.

The markets: Aerospace (2020)

With the 737 MAX grounded, the global aerospace supply chain was thrown into disarray in 2019. Still, several new programs on the horizon portend increasing composites use in commercial aerostructures for coming decades.

Composites 2020: A multitude of markets

Going into 2020, factors influencing composites manufacturing include robotics and automation, out-of-autoclave processes, thermoplastic composites, Composites 4.0 and additive manufacturing.

Premium AEROTEC demonstrates hybrid CFRP-AM metal design for future lightweight aircraft structures

Successful completion of the ThermOplast Additive Manufacturing STrukturen (TOAST) project offers cost, time and weight savings via a novel, modern hybrid design.

Airbus, Aston Martin launch special edition ACH130 helicopter

The ACH130 Aston Martin Edition, unveiled Jan. 3, includes luxury interior features designed by the automaker.

SpaceX tests new Crew Dragon parachute design

Successful parachute tests bring the Crew Dragon another step closer to a crewed flight test. 

Top 10 CW news from the 2010s

From 2010-2019, here are CompositesWorld’s most viewed composites industry news from the decade.

Lockheed Martin delivers 134 F-35 aircraft in 2019

Lockheed Martin reports that it exceeded its 2019 delivery goals for the F-35 defense aircraft, and plans to deliver 141 F-35s in 2020.