Rediscovering the benefits of prepregs in composites manufacturing

Compared to more traditional forms of composites manufacturing, prepregs enable reduced manufacturing costs and enhance production performance. 
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Composites fill the gaps in museum dinosaur skeletons

By: Hannah Mason

Ontario-based Research Casting International uses composites to build lightweight, durable dinosaur castings for museums around the world.


Webinar presentation: Next-Generation Composites Materials and Processes (July 2020)

By: Jeff Sloan

CompositesWorld hosted on July 28, 2020, a webinar titled, “Next-Generation Composite Materials and Processes.” If you missed the live webinar, you can watch the recording or download a PDF of the presentation.
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FASTIGUE: Empowering digital twins of large-scale composite structures

A 3D finite element technique to resolve the fidelity-versus-speed dilemma of performing fatigue analysis for large composite structures.
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Composites Index reading remains unchanged from May

By: Michael Guckes

June’s readings remain the same as quickening supplier deliveries offset improvement in new orders and production.


Composites-intensive masterwork: 2020 Corvette, Part 2

By: Peggy Malnati

Innovative composite materials trim mass, costs and noise on the high-volume mid-engine sports car
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Recycled thermoplastic composite rotorcraft access panel takes flight

By: Hannah Mason

Designed as part of the TPC-Cycle program, the flight-tested panel demonstrates a lighter, cost-effective, sustainable thermoplastic composite application.
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Compression Molding

Leonardo and CETMA: disrupting composites for lower cost and environmental impact

By: Ginger Gardiner

Italian OEM and tier supplier Leonardo works with CETMA R&D to develop new composite materials, machines and processes, including induction welding for in-situ consolidation of thermoplastic composites.
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Tech Table: Mold release agents

By: Grace Nehls

A table of mold release agents collected from data provided by suppliers. 
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Seeking inspiration in a virtual environment

By: Dale Brosius

In an increasingly digital world, how far can the virtual environment take us? Only so far, Dale Brosius says. At some point, we have to get real. 
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Carbon Fibers

Autonomous agricultural robot supported by composite components

By: Hannah Mason

3D-printed carbon fiber-filled composite components enable a robotic weeding system prototype intended to replace use of chemical herbicides.


The industrialization of thermoplastic epoxy

By: Ginger Gardiner

Fast-processing composites that are strong yet tough, thermoformable, reformable, recyclable and even FST-compliant save cost in aircraft and rail equipment.
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