YLA, MuEps announce radome design collaboration

MuEps will provide custom radome designs using YLA material properties.
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YLA Inc. (Benicia, Calif.), an advanced composites manufacturer, and MuEps Software (Encinitas, Calif.), a supplier of electromagnetic design software and services, have announced an ongoing collaboration for radome and specialty composite material development.

As part of the collaboration, MuEps will provide custom radome designs using YLA material properties and will supply YLA's customers with material property measurements for use in these designs. The companies also will partner in the development of materials with special electromagnetic properties tailored to YLA's customers' requirements.

YLA has developed various materials for use in radomes and the company maintains a carbon-free manufacturing line for its electromagnetic window production. YLA's offerings include low-dielectric constant, low-loss cyanate ester/quartz prepregs, syntactic films that can be layed up into foam core sandwich structures, film adhesives and specialty products for use in radar-transparent or lossy structures.

MuEps Software offers stack optimization software, material property measurement software and the Visual Basic Ram/Radome Optimization Program (VBROP), a software code that can optimize stackups of composite materials for optimum radar transmitting or absorbing performance.

Information: www.ylainc.com, www.mueps.com