Why choose LSAM for large-format additive manufacturing?

Thermwood explores the features of LSAM, it’s large-format additive manufacturing system, including a product line summary, slicing software. (Sponsored)


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In this Digital Demo, Scott Vaal, Thermwood’s LSAM product manager, answers the question “Why LSAM?” and offers an overview of key aspects of the large-scale additive manufacturing market and LSAM’s position in it.

Vaal provides a brief history of Thermwood and how it came to additive manufacturing. He also addresses the current state of the art in additive print technology, offers a quick overview of the broad LSAM product line — including print-only systems, or print-and-trim systems — slicing software features, industry collaboration programs, case histories, control software capabilities, additive system reliability, service, support, upgrade ability and other issues important to potential users and anyone interested in large-scale additive manufacturing of thermoplastic composites. Specific machine features and technologies explored include Thermwood’s servo-controlled polymer metering pump to manage and control extruder output, the servo-controlled polymer tamping wheel, vertical laying capabilities, polymer layer time control and noncontact thermal sensing for bead temperature sensing.

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Photo Credit: Thermwood