When cooking becomes hazardous, composites can help

Spencer Composites is working on a Kickstarter campaign to fabricate safe, affordable fuel storage systems for cooking in developing countries.


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Video: Kickstarter information regarding efforts by Spencer Composites and Pangaea Energy Ltd. to fabricate affordable, safe fuel storage systems for cooking.

The issue of indoor air pollution from cooking has been documented as one of the most deadly problems impacting women and children in many countries. According to the United Nations, more than 3 billion people worldwide are affected by cooking smoke pollution in the home, resulting in more than 4 million deaths annually, mainly from respiratory illnesses. Cooking over a campfire is fun, but when done three times a day and 365 days a year it becomes deadly. More information about this problem is available at www.cleancookstoves.org.

Composites fabricator Spencer Composites Corp. (SCC, Sacramento, Calif., USA) has developed a residential natural gas storage tank, part of a new cooking system for emerging markets being developed by Canadian company Pangaea Energy Ltd. (pangaeaenergy.ca), of which SCC founder Brian Spencer is a director.

Natural gas is not only the cleanest burning fossil fuel, it is more affordable than propane, kerosene and even wood in many areas. Brian Spencer and Zachary Spencer of SCC say that their lightweight, portable composite fuel cylinder for adsorbed natural gas (ANG) will enable the most affordable fuel on the planet to be accessed by the people who need it the most. ANG is created in a process in which natural gas is adsorbed onto a porous sorbent, in this case, activated carbon powder. The sorbent and the sorbed natural gas can be stored at low pressure (600 psi) and ambient temperature. SCC is working with Pangaea Energy to make the tanks, and help develop the cookstove system and tank refilling station concept where people can easily and safely access ANG for cooking. The group has successfully demonstrated this technology, and it can be seen in action at Kickstarter: www.kickstarter.com/projects/1664764965/cooking-should-not-kill-you-use-natural-gas.   

SCC is promoting the ANG technology advances and raising awareness of this global problem, which will save lives and help reduce pollution. Feel free to contact Brian or Zackary Spencer at +1 916-567-1390.