Top CompositesWorld blogs of 2014

Flywheels, fracking, NONA, 3D printing, the i3, commercial airframes and thermoplastic sandwiches are just a few of the topics from the year's top 10 CW Blog posts. Plus, a bonus photo contest.
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CW Mystery Photo #1: CW snapped this photo at a JEC Europe show sometime in the last four years. The first person to correctly identify what, specifically, this is a photo of, and on what particular structure it was found, will win a brand new CompositesWorld t-shirt, the wearing of which is sure to win you friends and admirers. Send your educated guess to editor Jeff Sloan at jeff@compositesworld.com.

As 2014 races to an end, CompositesWorld looks back on the year that was and offers this list of top 10 most viewed CW Blog posts. Click on any headline to revisit the report. 

  1. Composites flywheels: Finally picking up speed?
  2. Composites boon from hydraulic fracturing?
  3. No oven, no autoclave (NONA)
  4. ORNL demonstrates 3D printing with carbon fiber
  5. Two visions of 3D printing in CFRP
  6. More from JEC: High-quality carbon fiber monocoques in two hours
  7. Video: Morphing wing technology update
  8. The making of the BMW i3
  9. SAMPE Europe highlights: Composites faces challenges in next commercial airframes
  10. Move over honeycomb, thermoplastic sandwich is commercialized as DYNATECH

Do you have an idea for a CW Blog post? We are always open to suggestions. E-mail CW editor Jeff Sloan (jeff@compositesworld.com) with your idea.

Happy holidays from CompositesWorld, and we look forward to seeing you in 2015.