Tangible Express offering fractional ownership for rapid prototyping

Rapid Prototyping service provider Tangible Express is introducing a program that allows customers fractional ownership of rapid prototyping equipment.


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Tangible Express (Springville, Utah), a rapid prototyping service provider, has announced the introduction of a fractional ownership. Through the Tangible Alliance Program (TAP), capital-intensive and highly technical RP machines can now be purchased at a fraction of the full cost of ownership.

Tangible Express borrowed from the successful business model used in fractional business jet ownership to develop the program. Using the model, an owner simply purchases a fraction of an RP machine based on its anticipated annual machine utilization - generally in ownership increments of one-sixteenth. Tangible Express continues to manage the machine, maintenance and building of prototypes for TAP fractional owners and ships parts per owner instructions.

“Fractional ownership of rapid prototyping machines provides a solution never before available to those who use rapid prototyping services,” explained Alex Linde, Tangible Express President and COO, in a statement. “Using the Tangible Alliance Program, fractional owners gain access to multiple RP processes and materials for about half the cost of using a rapid prototyping service bureau.”

The program enables TAP owners to save money by sharing machine and operational costs among other fractional owners. Owners achieve additional savings since they do not need to hire and train experts to operate the machines, invest in post-processing equipment or remodel their facility to accommodate large equipment.

Tangible Express SLA and SLS machines and materials from 3D Systems. Tangible Express will continue to offer rapid prototyping service production, producing prototypes for businesses and individuals that don’t require fractional ownership.