Surfacing Films Enhance Aircraft Surfaces While Minimizing Prep

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Composite materials naturally come with more surface imperfections than metal, and aircraft paint schemes for composites are becoming more complex. That’s why surfacing films need to rise to the challenge by providing a smooth, blemish-free surface. (Sponsored Content)


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Composite materials, by their nature, have a greater amount of surface imperfections as compared to metal. Further, the process can be more complex to prepare a composite surface for paint. Surface imperfections can require extra steps to achieve a paint-ready aircraft surface, increasing processing time and labor costs.

Some composite structures require surface fillers to tackle imperfections like pinholes, print-through or other blemishes. These blemishes traditionally undergo a repetitive sand/fill/sand cycle before the surface is ready for prime and paint. Henkel surfacing films are designed to eliminate these extra steps, providing a ready-to-prime and paint part with minimal surface preparation…READ MORE.