The composites industry's largest international trade event expects further expansion.


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Anticipating another round of record-setting exhibitor and visitor statistics this year, the co-located SAMPE Europe Conference and JEC Composites Show (April 1-3) is expanding its scope as it continues to increase its presence in the premier Paris show venue.

The 23rd SAMPE Europe International Conference 2003 entitled "Advanced Composites: The Balance Between Performance and Cost" will focus on the best materials and processes for leading-edge performance and cost effectiveness in the aerospace realm. But SAMPE emphasis will reflect a much broader role for advanced composite materials. In light of carbon fiber's recent impact on the manufacturing of automotive structural parts, for example, SAMPE's timely technical session entitled "The BRITE/EURAM Project TECABS (Technologies for Carbon Fibre Reinforced Modular Body Structures)" will present an overview of project goals and concepts and discuss the use of computer modeling and other facets of carbon-fiber use in automotive part design. Similarly, a session on "Infrastructure" will examine, in a collection of paper presentations, CFRP rebar, the use of carbon fiber and alternate processing techniques in the manufacture of wind turbine blades, and discuss the use of thermoplastics in the oil and gas industry. Approximately 500 participants are expected to attend more than 90 technical presentations, tutorials and general sessions.

Despite precarious times in the world economy and the composites market in particular, JEC's 38th annual event is "Heading for New Horizons," and in keeping with that theme, JEC returns to the Paris Expo, Port de Versailles, in Paris, France - the city's largest exhibition site - with an even larger exhibit space, was necessary to accommodate the combined exposition's significant growth.

For further Conference information/registration, contact SAMPE, Tel.: +41 617 9506 36; Fax: +41 6179109 93; E-mail: sampe@stesalit.com; Web site: www.sampe-europe.org. For JEC information/registration, Tel.: +33 158 3615 01; Fax: +33 158 3615 15 or register at the Web site: www.globalcomposites.com. JEC show coordinators can be reached via e-mail at infojec@globalcomposites.com.