Physical testing to characterize composites

Shimadzu Scientific Instruments reviews use of static tests, impact tests, internal observations and fracture observations to assess and characterize the physical properties of composite parts and structures.


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Shimadzu Scientific Instruments (Columbia, Md., U.S.) manufactures a line of physical testing equipment including static test frames, impact testers, imaging systems and nondestructive inspection (NDI). In this Digital Demo, the company reviews the features and benefits of its test frames for tensile testing, flexural testing, compression testing, lap shear testing and more. For noncontact strain measurement and dimensional analysis, the Digital Demo explores the TRViewX video extensometer, StrainView DIC software, the HyperVision HPVX-2 high-speed camera, and the SMX 225-CT X-ray CT system for 3D visualization and analysis of internal composite structures. Finally, the Digital Demo summarizes Shimadzu’s HITS-TX and HITS-PX hydraulic high-speed impact testers for dynamic material assessment.


Shimadzu Digital Demo
Photo Credit: Shimadzu