Paris 2010: JEC Composites and SAMPE Europe Preview

JEC’s industry-leading trade exhibition and SAMPE Europe’s International Conference again shed light on composites in the City of Lights.
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There’s nothing quite like Paris in April. But to its many enduring attractions, the composites professional adds each spring two industry events that — like their host city — are sources of enlightenment that have endured the test of time. The 2010 edition of the JEC Composites Show, Europe’s largest and longest-lived composites trade exhibition, will be held April 13-15, at the Paris Expo, in Porte de Versailles. Nearby, the European branch of the Society for the Advancement of Material and Process Engineering (SAMPE) will convene its 31st installment of the SAMPE Europe International Conference (SEICO 10) a day earlier for a three-day run at Hotel Mercure, Paris Porte de Versailles Expo, Vanves.


JEC Composites Paris

JEC Show organizers expect participants this year from as many as 96 countries, and predict that up to 75 percent of 2010 exhibitors will come from outside France. Europe’s second-largest base of composites manufacturing, Italy, is this year’s JEC “guest of honor.” A dedicated pavilion will be provided for exhibiting Italian companies, alongside 15 other international and national pavilions, including those set aside for exhibitors from China, France, Germany, Great Britain, India, Italy, the U.S. and Belgium. Meanwhile, JEC’s Thematic Villages will underscore applications areas and specialties, such as Automotive, Aerospace, Marine, Rail Transport, Construction & Infrastructure, IT (software, design, prototyping), Process, and Natural Fibers/Biocomposites as well as the Society of Manufacturing Engineers’ (SME) Discovery, Education & Skills exhibit. (A preliminary list of JEC exhibitors is posted in the sidebar at the bottom of this page.)

JEC’s Conference is expected to attract 100 speakers and has, in the past, reportedly drawn 2,200 attendees. In 2010, the focus will be on composites manufacturing processes, engineered textiles, bio-materials and recycling. JEC’s End-User Forums will investigate topics in six categories: Automation, Automotive, Building & Construction, Civil Engineering, Ground Transport and Wind Energy.

Show organizers also have set a side an area of the show floor for free technical sales presentations. More than 50 exhibiting companies are scheduled to acquaint attendees with their products in a large presentation space equipped with comfortable seating and audio/visual equipment.


SAMPE Europe Conference

SEICO 10 kicks off with a keynote address by Dr. Leslie Cohen, senior VP at HITCO Carbon Composites Inc. (Gardena, Calif.). Cohen will chronicle his company’s journey “From Transformation to Automation,” with discussion of both the challenges and rewards, particularly in regard to automation’s impact on affordability and performance.

SAMPE Europe’s conference theme this year is “Improvements of Materials and Application Characteristics.” Toward that end, event organizers had assembled, at CT press time, a slate of 98 paper presentations, a number of which are likely to be of interest to CT readers. The Infrastructure Session on Monday, April 12, features a paper entitled “Fiber Reinforced Polymer-reinforced Concrete Exposed to Increasing Temperatures: The Role of Viscosity in Bond Strength.” A Manufacturing Session that same day will offer a presentation on the development of a fiber preforming process that employs heated, reusable silicone vacuum bagging technology, while a Monitoring Session during the same timeframe will review “Fiber Optic Sensor Systems for Cure Monitoring and Structural Integrity Assessment.” On Tuesday morning, the Thermoplastics Session will include a discussion of the “Impact Behavior of Property Graded Self-reinforced Polypropylene Composites.” The Fatigue Session on Tuesday afternoon will consider the subject of fatigue analysis for composite wind turbine rotor blades and subcomponents. That same afternoon, the Sandwich Session will highlight the latest developments in fatigue-resistant foam core materials, and a Repair Session will include a paper that considers the use of lasers in composite laminate repair. On Wednesday, during the Manufacturing Session, one presenter will introduce a novel technique for fabricating composite structures with highly aligned short fiber reinforcement. In the Filament Winding Session, later that day, a key paper is devoted to continuous production of filament-wound pipes based on naturally derived polymers, and, in the same session, another presenter will consider methods for testing of filament wound piping. In a final Infrastructure Session, two papers will highlight ways to improve FRP/concrete bonds during pipe repairs, and evaluate FBG sensors as a means of online structural health for bridges.

As in years past, the JEC exhibition and SAMPE Europe conference schedules will be staggered by one day to permit SEICO attendees a full day on the JEC Show exhibition floor without missing any conference events. On April 13-14, free shuttle-bus service will be provided between Hotel Mercure and the main entrance gate of the Paris Expo complex.

For more information about SEICO 2010, contact the SAMPE Europe Business Office (SEBO) | E-mail: sebo@sampe-europe.org | Web site: www.sampe-europe.org.

For more information about JEC Composites Paris, contact the JEC Group | Tel.:  + 33 1 58 36 15 01 | Fax: + 33 1 58 36 15 15 | E-mail: visitors@jeccomposites.com | Web site: www.jeccomposites.com.