New online Knowledge Base can help with mold release questions

A new online resource about all things mold release was recently announced by Stoner Molding Solutions (Quarryville, PA, US).


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A new online resource about all things mold release was recently announced by Stoner Molding Solutions (Quarryville, PA, US). This company, founded in 1942 and focused originally on rubber molding and aerosol applications, has worked over the years to develop thermoplastic releases for injection molding, cleaners, rust preventatives, releases for melt spinning lines, polyurethane molding releases, rotational molding releases and more. In 2014, Stoner added the Honey Wax and KantStik brands for composites molding.Stoner Molding Solutions has updated their Web site, and added a section called “Knowledge Base,” found under the News & Knowledge tab. Says Stoner’s Peter Taraborelli, responsible for marketing and public relations, “We are taking the time to bring together the knowledge that we’ve gathered from years of field experience, and post it in a public place, our Knowledge Base. Our goal is to publish one article per month.”

The first article, Mold Release Spraying: How to Optimize Processes for Best Results, looks at the spraying technology available in the market today for application of mold releases and how to get the best results. While simple, symmetrical molds can be treated by hand wiping or brushing, more complex mold designs require a spray applicator. The article stresses that one should not use spray equipment designed for paints or gel coats, as it will be oversized for the less-viscous mold release. Several equipment suppliers are recommended. Stoner recommends a high-pressure pump and a special airless sprayer, for less flyaway particles and mess. A special filter should be used to capture moisture when spraying, which can adversely affect the mold release application. And, computerized spray tips are an option, which eliminate operator variation and can be used in an automated factory setting. 

A second article, “Mold Cleaning: Dos and Don’ts” was just posted on January 10. Take a look for these sources of practical advice on mold preparation and cleaning. Stoner Molding Solutions Web site is www.stonermolding.com.