NASCAR to debut new composite body at Richmond Raceway

XFINITY Series teams to have flange-fit composite body option in 2017.


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NASCAR composite body

XFINITY Series teams to have flange-fit composite body option in 2017.

A flange-fit composite body will debut during the NASCAR race at Richmond later this year, according to a report on NASCAR.com. Approximately 90 percent of those expected to compete in the Richmond XFINITY Series race have already indicated they will compete with the new composite body.

XFINITY Series director Wayne Auton told NASCAR.com that teams will have the option of running the composite body at Richmond, Dover and Phoenix this year, and it is expected to also be optional for 2018 at all tracks other than superspeedways.

Five Star RaceCar Bodies will supply the various body parts.

For more about the new composite body, check out the video below:

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