Mold cleaners, primers, sealers and internal/external releases

AXEL Plastics reviews its line of mold cleaners, primers, sealers and internal and external mold releases designed for closed mold and pultrusion manufacturing processes.
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AXEL Plastics (Monroe, Conn., U.S.) specializes in the manufacture of a full line of mold release products for composites manufacturing, including mold cleaners, primers, sealers and internal and external mold releases. In this Digital Demo, the company emphasizes the efficiencies and cost savings possible with its systems-based approach to mold care. AXEL’s XTEND brand is a line of water- and solvent-based cleaners, primers for mold surface leveling and glossing, semi-permanent sealers, and external mold releases. The company’s MoldWiz line of internal mold release agents is designed to work with thermoset or thermoplastic resins and is suitable for closed mold and pultrusion applications. This Demo includes discussion about the advantages of the MoldWiz products, including improved production, less cleaning, consistent release, better fiber wetout and flow, and good adhesion properties. AXEL also reviews its sustainability initiatives designed to minimize waste, conserve water, reduce VOCs and reduce energy consumption.


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