Mold Care Checklist

A checklist of important items to consider when prepping molds.


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□ Perfect masters and plugs to minimize production rework
□ Make and follow a maintenance schedule for each tool
□ Read and follow use instructions for all products
□ Clean mold surface completely before applying any product to tool
□ Always use a release in conjunction with a sealer
□ Match sealer to mold surface to achieve proper seal
□ Allow time for thorough cure — remember that dry is
    not necessarily cured
□ Use same brand and type of masking tape for tape tests for consistency
□ Use lint-free, all-cotton cloth or high-quality paper towel to             wipe molds
□ Segregate cloths — use one cloth for sealer, one for release, etc.
□ Apply extra sealer and release to patches
□ Watch for uncrosslinked resin in new tools
□ Keep containers closed, sealed and at ambient temperature
    when not in use
□ Avoid use of mallets (even rubber mallets) on molds
□ Thoroughly clean mold surface when reconditioning a mold