Lamborghini unveils energy storing electric supercar

The carbon fiber body and structural components of the Lamborghini Terzo Millennio store electric energy while simultaneously reducing the vehicle’s weight.


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As we look to the future of automotive, cars continue to evolve toward electric technology. Powering the cars of the future is on the mind of a lot of engineers and energy storage systems will likely play a key role. Lamborghini (Sant'Agata Bolognese, Italy) recently unveiled a new concept electric supercar, the Terzo Millennio – a collaboration between the Italian luxury car maker and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT, Cambridge, MA, US) – that explores several innovations in energy storage and advanced materials.

According to Road Show, the car uses supercapacitors rather than batteries, which are capable of accepting and delivering a charge faster than today’s batteries. Supercapacitors can also withstand numerous charge cycles and boast storage capacities that are much higher than batteries or regular capacitors. 

In addition, the Terzo Millennio utilizes the carbon fiber forming its body and structural components for energy storage. The composites are designed to increase the availability of electric energy, acting like a rechargeable battery while simultaneously reducing the vehicle’s weight.

The carbon fiber materials also allow the car to employ technology that continuously monitors the health of the vehicle, detecting the presence and propagation of cracks in the carbon fiber structure.

While the supercar may sound a bit like the stuff of science fiction, the Terzo Millennio, which is Italian for “third millennium,” is taking aim at multiple technologies that may hold the potential to move the automotive industry ahead in exciting ways for future generations.