JEC Europe 2012 Preview

JEC’s annual Paris exhibition adopts a new name in keeping with its status as a globetrotting trade show company.
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The JEC Composites Show, now an annual tradition and, in terms of numbers, the number one gathering for composite professionals worldwide, will occupy the Paris Expo again this year, as it has since 2002. Organizers predict that it will, from March 27-29, attract more than 20,000 composites industry professionals and at least 1,000 exhibitors. Return visitors will find the sights, sounds and opportunities familiar. But one thing will be different. The show will bear a new name, JEC Europe, to distinguish it from JEC’s show in Asia and the newly announced JEC Americas show, which is coming to the U.S. in late 2012 (Boston, Mass., Nov. 7-9).

JEC is expanding its presence worldwide in anticipation of industry growth. “The worth of the global composite market went from €38 billion in 2000 to €72 billion in 2011,” according to JEC Group president and CEO Frédérique Mutel. She says, “We are expecting growth worldwide. At an average 6 percent per year increase, our market will be worth €91 billion by 2015.” Mutel credits “cooperative associations” and “transnational value chains” for much of the success, so networking opportunities will be promoted at the 2012 show.

Networking is the first facet of what JEC says is a three-fold show theme: innovation networks, automation and recyclability. The second thrust, automation will be emphasized in recognition of advances realized most significantly in North America and Europe. JEC expects its exhibitor base to be heavy with purveyors of automated means to handle, assemble, form and finish composites. The third thrust, recyclability, will honor an area of innovation in which Europe has taken the global lead with ambitious end-of-life legislation among EU participants, creating a hot spot for developers and users of readily reclaimed thermoplastics and plant-based fiber reinforcements. Additionally, show organizers have selected the U.K. as the “country of honor” for its reputation as fertile ground for composites innovators.

Off the show floor, JEC will again host the I.C.S. (International Composites Summit), a preview of trends in composites applications. In its second year, the event will provide a forum for 100 key players in the international composites market. Its stated goal? To foster dialogue between academicians, industrialists and product end-users. Forums and meetings will center on case studies, and lectures will be given by experts in composites R&D, design and production.

In parallel, the C.S.N. (Composites Scientific Network) will provide a forum for cooperation between academicians and industrialists. Its goals are to establish a set of guiding principles, expedite access to scientific development, and facilitate the exchange of knowledge.

Returning after its debut last year is the JEC Job Center. Exhibitors will display current job postings, and visitors can use the Center as a cost-free means to distribute résumés.

Last but certainly not least is the annual JEC Innovation Awards program, now known as Innovations Awards Europe (a separate awards program will be held at the JEC Americas show in Boston). According to JEC, more than 1,600 companies have submitted composite products for review by JEC’s panel of judges during the awards program’s 14-year existence. Since its inception in 1998, more than 150 composites manufacturers, together with almost 360 partners, have taken home honors.

For more information about JEC Europe 2012, contact the JEC Group | Tel.: + 33 1 58 36 15 01 | E-mail: visitors@jeccomposites.com | Web site: www.jeccomposites.com.

 JEC Europe 2012 Exhibitor List

(Based on informaiton supplied to CW by the JEC Group on Jan. 17, 2012. Company status and booth numbers are subject to chagne by JEC.)
Company      Aisle & Booth Number
01db Metravib           P82
2 Komponenten Maschinenbau GmbH L45
3B - The Fibreglass Comapny     D4
3D-Core        M24
3M       L15
5M       R73
A&P Technology      N58
Abahsain Fiberglass M.E., W.L.L.            T29
Abitad GRP (Nanjing) Co. Ltd.      W40
Abrasifs Services Skilled France Y32
Accudyne Systems Inc.      F43
Acmos Chemie KG S79
Additek SaS TBD
Aditya Birla Chemicals (Europe) GmbH TBD
Advanced Composites Group Ltd.           T50
Advanced International Multitech Co. Ltd.           L52
Advanced Textiles & Materials      U26
Aero Consultants AG          M63
Aeroform France      G74
Aeron Composite Pvt. Ltd. D71
Aerospace Manufacturing TBD
Aerospace Research Institute of Materials & Processes       TBD
Aerovac Systemes France T50
AFC-STAB     V20
Agteks Ltd.    V19
AGY Holding Corp. (Advanced Glassfiber Yarns)         M25
Ahlstrom Glassfibre Oy      G9
AIC - Europe Technologies           V20
Aiki Riotech Corporation    TBD
AIP      T8
Airborne International         P45
Airex AG         N32
Airtech Europe Sarl M64
AKPA Organic Peroxides & Initiators       E64
AKSA Karbon Sanayi AS    K45
Allio SaS        V20
Alpha Technologies            TBD
Altona L84
Alzchem Trostberg GmbH D46
American Autoclave            S14
Amorim Cork Composites            X72
AMP Composites Co. Ltd. TBD    TBD
Anaglyph Ltd.            X64
Anguil Environmental Systems Inc.         G43
AOC LLC       F57
Apatech         D75
Arex de Picardie/CCI International Picardie       TBD
Argosy International Inc.     U38
ARI Picardie TBD
Armacell Benelux SA          S51
Arsan Kaucuk Plastik Makine Sanayi Ve Tic AS            U20
Asahi Diamond Industrial Europe SaS   V78
ASC Process Systems Inc.           S57
Assembly Guidance Systems Inc.           W72
Atom Beraud            B25
August Herzog Maschinenfabrik GmbH & Co. KG        L82
Aurock            TBD
Autoclave & Industrial Controls (AIC)      TBD
Autoclaves Group    TBD
Automated Dynamics         F43
Avangard JSC          T9
Axel Plastics Inc.      P52
Axiome           V20
Axson Technologies           P79
Axxor BV         J50
Azelis D45
B. Laufenberg GmbH         L78
Baden-Württemberg International GmbH          TBD
Bally Ribbon Mills    D44
Bamboo Fibers Technology          L80
Basaltex - Flocart NV          K70
BASF SE        G17
Baycomp Company            Q52
Bayer MaterialScience AG P14
Bayern Innovativ GmbH      F29 & F31
Beijing Partnerworld Int’l Exhibition Co. Ltd.      TBD
Belotti SpA    H66
Besne Mecanique de Precision   V20
Biorenforts    TBD
Bluestar Fibres Co. Ltd.     H3
Bondi (Shandong) Environmental Material Cc. Ltd.     TBD
Bond-Laminates GmbH    R38
Boytek Recine Boya ve Kimya San Tic    M51
Breton SpA    N79
Brötje-Automation GmbH TBD
Bureau Veritas Laboratoires         R75
BYK-Chemie GmbH           G19
C.A. Litzler Co. Inc. G43
Cabot C66
Cam Elyaf Sanayii AS         M32
Cambium      TBD
Cannon France        H70
Cannon SpA H70
Carbon Composites EV     TBD
Carbone Forgé        N19
Carbopress Srl        R63
Carus Srl       C40
Cavitec AG    S60
CCP Composites    TBD
CCPIT Building Materials Sub-Council   TBD
Cel Components Srl           D55
CELC - Masters of Linen   TBD
CEMCAT        V20
Censol Ltd.   V72
Centreco       V78
Century Design Inc.            V43
Cetex Institut für Textil und Verarbeitungsmaschinen Gemeinnützige GmbH        T66
CETIM            V20
CFK-Valley Stade EV          TBD
CGTech         R66
Changzhou Hongfa Zongheng Advanced Material Technology         Q32
Changzhou Pro-Tech Industry Co. Ltd.   U44
Changzhou Tiansheng New Materials Co. Ltd.            TBD
Chem-Trend (Deutschland) GmbH         TBD
China Composites Group Corporation Ltd.       P58
China Jiangsu International Economic Technical Cooperative         D32
China National Building Materials Corp.            T44
Chomarat Textiles Industries       Q25
Chongqing Peak Pipeline Co. Ltd.          TBD
Cimteclab SpA         TBD
Cipec Specialites    K37
Clariant International AG    R4
Click Bond Inc.         N72
Clix Industries          TBD
Clubtex          TBD
CMG   T75
C-M-P Q58
CMS SpA       Q18
CNBM International Corp. N23
CNBM Technology U43
Coexpair        T81
Cogit Composites   N65
Comi Spa      M37
Compose      M57
Composite Integration Ltd.            G74
Conseil Et Technique         TBD
Conseil General de la Charente Maritime         C45
Conseil Regional de Picardie      TBD
Coral SpA      TBD
Corex-Honeycomb F63
Corima Technologies        TBD
Coriolis Composites          TBD
CPC Group   R63
CPIC/Fiberglass      TBD
CPS Technologies Z44
Creaform France SaS        V71
Critt Polymères Picardie    TBD
Cytec Engineered Materials          G31
D. K. Holdings Ltd. R37
Daher Aerospace    V76
Dalian Xingke Carbon Fiber Co. Ltd.       TBD
Dalian Yuxing Water Treatment Equipment Co. Ltd.    TBD
Dallet TBD
Dassault Systèmes            R65
Daxen            TBD
DBW Fiber Neuhaus GmbH         Z43
Dedienne Multiplasturgy Group    W76
Delcam Plc   L25
Delphia Yachts Kot Sp. J. X26
Delta-Preg SpA Uninominale       M26
Despatch Industries LP     H46
Devold AMT AS         TBD
DIAB International AB         K26
Diamix           M30
Diatex SaS    G74
Dieffenbacher GmbH Maschinen und Anlagenbau     P32
Dil       V20
Dipex sro       S9
Diversified Machine Systems (DMS)       TBD
DJP Espace Composites Q75
DLR German Aerospace Center H56
Dow Chemical Co., The     B19
DPS Composites    M37
DS Fibres      R77
DSM Composite Resins AG         D9
Dunstone Company Inc.    S64
Dupont International Operations Sarl     S63
Duqueine      P46
DA Aluminium Composites          Y63
Dynabrade Europe Sarl     R29
EADS Deutschland GmbH            TBD
Eastern Industrial Company - EICO        T12
Eastman Machine Co.        U8
EHA Composite Machinery GmbH          J38
Eisenmann Anlagenbau GmbH & Co. KG         Y72
Elantas Camattini SpA       J11
Electroimpact           TBD
ELG Carbon Fibre   M71
Eligio Re Fraschini SpA     W90
ELKOM Heizplattentechnik GmbH           W74
EMS-Chemie AG     X60
EPC Engineering Consulting GmbH      Y72
Epotech Composite Corp. T13
Epsilon Composite P64
Equip Aero Technique        TBD
ERPRO          Q69
ES Manufacturing Inc.         G43
ESI Group     Q80
ETIM   V20
Eurocarbon BV         R43
Evonik Industries AG          G66
Evs     D         73
Faserinstitut Bremen EV    TBD
Feicheng Sanying Fiberglass Co. Ltd.    TBD
Fiberforge     K66
Fibertex A.S   TBD
Fibertex Nonwovens A/S    N44
Fibres Recherche Developpement         TBD
Fibretech Composites GmbH      TBD
Fill Gesellschaft mbH         U39
Fimalin          X75
Finish Kare Products Inc. G43
Flow Europe GmbH            T19
Flugzeug-Union Süd GmbH          TBD
Foamtech Co. Ltd.   P43
Formax UK Ltd.        N52
Formes et Outillages          N64
Formosa Plastics Corp.     M45
Fraunhofer IZFP-D T66
Fraunhofer Pyco      D66
Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft    TBD
Fraunhofer-Institut für Fertigunstechnik und Angewandte Materialforschung (IFAM)        TBD
Frenzelit Werke GmbH       TBD
Frimo Group GmbH            T91
FRP Services Europe Sarl D19
Fujairah Fiberglass Factory          TBD
Fujian Haiyuan Automatic Equipments Co. Ltd.           D32
Futurecarbon GmbH           E45
G. Angeloni Srl         W64
Galstaff Multiresine Spa     C32
Gavazzi Tessuti Tecnici Spa Socio Unico          D31
Gazechim Composites      K43
Gbf Basalt Fiber Co. Ltd.    D50
Gebe2 Productique P80
Geiss AG       P39
Georg Sahm GmbH & Co. KG      D29
Gepo France Sarl    TBD
Gerber Technology M46
Germa Composite GmbH             TBD
Gigantex Composite Technologies Co. Ltd.      R9
Gma-Werkstoffprüfung GmbH      TBD
Gordon Composites           Q39
GPIC - Division Composites         TBD
Graco BVBA B39
Grafil Inc.       J31
Granta Design         D65
GRPMS          T50
Gunnar          S81
Gurit   K44
Hampson Aerospace Services    B65
Harbin Yidao Science & Technology Co. Ltd.    TBD
Harper International            T51
Hebei Shengwei Jiye FRP Products Co. Ltd.    D32
Helm AG        J25 & K19
Henkel           R45
Hennecke GmbH    K31
Heraeus Noblelight France           R55
Hexagon Metrology U80
Hexcel            G57
Hightex Verstarkungsstrukturen GmbH T66
Hilger U. Kern GmbH         E57
Hindoostan Technical Fabrics Ltd.          TBD
Höfer Presstechnik GmbH            P78
Holding Company Composite      F19
Hongming Composites Co. Ltd. TBD
Hos-Technik Vertriebs - und Produktions GmbH         G24
HP Composites Srl Y26
HPF - The Mineral Engineers       F25
Hufschmied Zerspanungssysteme GmbH       TBD
Huguet Ingenierie   V20
Hungarian Investment and Trade Agency (HITA)          TBD
Huntsman Advanced Materials (Switzerland) GmbH   G65
Hutchinson SNC     G56
Hymmen Industrieanlagen GmbH          X29
I Ma Tec Srl   D69
Ilium Wll        T29
IMA Materialforschung und Anwendungstechnik GmbH         T66
Impetus AFEA          TBD
Impianti Oms SpA   M37
Inasco            P73
Inchem Corporation            F43
Ingenieria de Compuestos SL     TBD
Ingersoll Machine Tools Inc.         F51
Innegra Technologies LLC           E69
Innovoc Solutions    Q39
Institut fuer Verbundwerkstoffe GmbH    C37
Instron           D51
Intermas Nets SA    S8
Isojet Equipements            F56
Isomatex SA N74
Isowood GmbH       TBD
IST - Industrial Summit Technology        N56
Italmatic Presse Stampi Srl          T7
Itasa   F23
Itochu Corp. R13
I-Trans           TBD
ITW Windgroup        K65
Izumi International Inc.       U40
Jacret SA       P40
Jallais Industrie       V20
JB Martin       S6
JD Lincoln     T50
Jedo Technologies TBD
Jiangsu Changhai Composite Materials Holding Co. Ltd.     Q44
Jiangsu Hengshen Fiber Materials Co. Ltd.      T82
Jiaxing Longshine Carbon Fiber Products Co. Ltd.     TBD
Jiaxing Sunny Frp Industries Co. Ltd.      L66
Jiaxing Youwei Composite Material Co. Ltd.     U30
JOBS SpA     Z46
Johns Manville Slovakia     G46
Jost Chemicals GmbH      Q10
JPS Informatique     TBD
JX Nippon Anci         V90
Kaman Composites - Vermont    G43
Kanto Yakin Kogyo Co. Ltd.           P55
Karl Mayer Malimo Textilmaschinenfabrik GmbH         T66
Karlsruher Institut für Technologie (Kit) W73
Kemrock Industries and Exports Ltd.      G26
Keyser et Mackay (France) et Cie L71
Khimvolokno            C74
Kistler France           F1
KNF Flexpak Corp. F43
Knierim Tooling GmbH      N71
Koller SaS     Q69
Kolon Industries Inc.           D37
KraussMaffei Technologies GmbH         P38
Kretzer Scheren GmbH      P51
Kroenert GmbH & Co. KG Q71
Ksl Keilmann Sondermaschinenbau GmbH    P74
Kuka France P75
Kush Synthetics Pvt. Ltd.    TBD
Lach Diamant Jakob Lach GmbH & Co. KG      TBD
Lamiflex         W44
Landeshauptstadt Dresden AMT für Wirtschaftsförderung    T66
Langzauner Gesellschaft mbH    U76
Lantor BV      T45
Lap GmbH Laser Applications     H74
Laser Projection Technologies Inc.         T79
Laser Zentrum Hannover EV        TBD
Lavesan Srl M39
Le Creneau Industriel        P49
Lectra TBD
Lehmann & Voss & Co KG            M65
Leibniz-Institut fur Polymerforschung Dresden EV (German Pavilion)         T66
Lianyungang Weide Composite Materials Facilities Co. Ltd.            Q40
Libeco Lagae           TBD
Limoges Usinage Mecanique      T3
Lineo TBD
Lintex International Co. Ltd.           S12
LJF - Le Joint Francais       G56
Lonza Q74
Lopotec Composites GmbH         TBD
Louisiana Economic Development         F43
Luna Innovations     G43
MTorres Diseños Industriales SA            P65
Mag Europe GmbH TBD
Magestic Systems   TBD
Magnabosco Srl      K25
Magnum Venus Plastech T32
Mahr Metering Systems GmbH    M66
Mankiewicz Gebr. & Co      T14
Mapal G55
Marbocote Ltd.         Q20
Masnada Diamant Industrie         TBD
Matrasur Composites        T30
Mcclean Anderson Y59
Mclube Asia Pvt. Ltd.           V29
Mdc Mould & Plastic Co. Ltd.         L51
Mecafi            R63
Mecanic Vallee         TBD
Mescan          TBD
Metton America Inc. TBD
METYX Composites            Q43
MF Tech         P75
Micado Smart Engineering            TBD
Microtex Cotton Club SpA TBD
Midi-Pyrenees Expansion TBD
Mikrosam AD            M75
Mil's    G74
Mir Ar Ge Inc.            B33
Mitsubishi Rayon Co. Ltd. J31
Momentive Specialty Chemicals GmbH G45
Mozart AG      V37
Mubea Carbo Tech GmbH            L35
Multiax International CNC Srl        S3
Multiplast       TBD
Nabertherm GmbH Z62
Nagase & Co., Ltd   TBD    TBD
Nanjing Huapeng Fiberglass Equipment Manufacturing Co. Ltd.    TBD
Nanjing Loyalty Composite Equipment Manufacture Co.       T63
Nantong Composite Material Co. Ltd.     H23
Nantong Shiru Reinforced Plastic Products Co. Ltd.   TBD
Nantong Strongworld FRP Products Ltd.           Q14
NASA/Jacobs Technology F43
National Aerospace Laboratory NLR      P56
Netzsch GmbH        R80
Neuhäuser Präzisionswerkzeuge GmbH          T59
New Fire Co. Ltd.     TBD
Nextrusion GmbH   Z60
Nida Maine / Maine Plastiques     V20
Nidaplast Composites      Q24
Nief Plastic   T8
Nippon Electric Glass Co. Ltd.     L49
Nippon Graphite Fiber Corp.         N40
Norafin Industries GmbH F69
Nord Composites   G44
North Thin Ply Technology J3
Novation Tech SpA D76
NRW International GmbH U58
OCV Reinforcements         R20
Oerlikon Balzers Coating Luxembourg Sarl      T76
Oerlikon Balzers France    T76
Oerlikon Barmag Zweigniederlassung der Oerlikon Textile GmbH & Co. Kg        T76
Oerlikon Leybold Vacuum T76
Olmar, SA      TBD
Olnica            Z64
Olympus France      TBD
Oxeon            P25
Parabeam BV           G29
Park Electrochemical Corp.          U18
P-D Glasseiden GmbH Oschatz P19
Pergan GmbH          Q51
Phoenix Equipment Co.     F43
Piercan SA    P72
Pinette Emidecau Industries        L58
Plascore GmbH & Co KG L70
Plasticell       U36
Plasticon Europe     D39
Plastipolis     TBD
PMC - Performance Materials Corp. 52
Pole de Competitivite EMC2         V20
Pole de Plasturgie de l’Est            TBD
Pole LAR       TBD
Poliya G47
Polotsk Steklovolokno JSC           U74
Polyecim Composites        V20
Polyfont SaS TBD
Polyprocess SaS     V39
Polystrand     Q39
Polytec Composites Germany GmbH & Co       D72
Polyworx BV Y46
Porcher Industries G20
Portelli Productions            TBD
Potters Europe         T78
PPG Coatings SA    Q64
PPG Industries Fiber Glass Europe        TBD
Procotex        N84
Productos Concentrol SA C72
Propex Fabrics GmbH        W12
Protechnic     V73
PSC Inc.        G43
Pultrex Ltd.    T80
Pyromeral Systems            TBD
Pyromeral Systems            M73
Qdesign Srl TBD
Qingdao Fundchem Co. Ltd.         K49
Q-Lab Europe Ltd.   U14
Qpoint Composite GmbH T66
Quantum Composites Inc.            R39
Quickstep Technologies    E         66
Quimiasiatico de Composites SL           TBD
Recaero Composites         TBD
Reichenbacher Hamuel GmbH   TBD
Reliant Machinery Ltd.        TBD
Renolit Gor SpA       E24
Repmo Machines-Outils    S75
Rescoll          TBD
Resoltech Sarl         P20
Respecta Maschinenbau GmbH K74
Rexco Mold Care Products            D33
Rhodia Engineering Plastics        B66
Richmond Aerovac T50
Richmond Aircraft Products Inc.   T50
Ritter GmbH F65
Robotmaster – 3IDM          P80
Robuso Stahlwarenfabrik Buntenbach & Sohn GmbH           P66
Robust Habicht & Heuser GmbH & Co KG        TBD
Roctool          M31
Rossow Industries Q73
Rubbercraft   Z56
Saati Spa      V36
Sabic Innovative Plastics   TBD
Sächsisches Textilforschungsinstitut EV           T66
Saertex GmbH & Co KG     M19
Safilin TBD
Safran - Structil        L19
Saimap - Viennot     V78
Sami Tongun Camelyafli Polyester Urunleri AS           TBD
Sandvik Coromant AB        W11
SCEI   L63
Schappe Techniques         M20
Schmalz, J. GmbH M70
Schuler SMG GmbH & Co. KG      T97
Scigrip           D43
Seco Tools   TBD
Seifert And Skinner & Associates, Bvba D25
Selcom Srl Multiaxial Technology            T40
Semi Dice International BV           Z44
Sepma Srl     TBD
SGL Technologies GmbH H31
SGS Carbide Tool (UK) Ltd.          TBD
Shanghai Precision Dosing & Weighing System Co. Ltd.      T77
Shanghai Zen3 International Exhibitions Co. Ltd.        D32 & D82
Shikibo Ltd.   Y38
Sichuan Weibo Co. Ltd.     K50
Sichuan Xinwanxing Carbon Fiber Composites Co. Ltd.        D32
Sicomin         W66
Siemens       L65
Siempelkamp Maschinen- und Anlagenbau GmbH & Co. KG          S73
Sigmatex Ltd.           R32
Sika Deutschland GmbH, Tooling & Composites        P29
Siltex Srl        B24
Sir Industriale SpA Q49
SL Laser France Sarl         M69
Societe Publique Regionale des Pays de la Loire       V20
Soficar SA/Toray Industries Inc.    J13
Soloplast Vosschemie       M44
Sönmez Textiles Advanced (STA Composites) TBD
Sora Composites    M76
Soteco SpA   S4
Sovitec France SaS M81
So-Wa Textile Co. Ltd.        V18
Specialinsert Srl      C56
Specialty Materials Inc.       TBD
Specialty Products Co.       G43
Spheretex      M44
Spintech Ventures   TBD
Spinteks Tekstil Insaat San. Tic. AS        TBD
Spolek Pro Chemickou a Hutní Vyrobu, AS (SPOLCHE)         W56
Staubli           G73
Strativer Hutchinson Group           G56
Sulzer Mixpac AG     J73
Sumitomo Corp. Europe Ltd.        TBD
Suragus GmbH       T66
Swancor Ind. Co. Ltd.         R19
Swisstex France SaS         TBD
Synervia         V20
Synthesites Innovative Technologies      TBD
Syrgis Performance Initiators AB J26
Taian Jingwei Fiberglass Products Co. Ltd.      TBD
Taishan Fiberglass Inc.     H44
Taiwan Electric Insulator Co. Ltd.            M52
Taizhou Europ Mould & Plastic Co Ltd    TBD
Taizhou Huangyan Shuangsheng Plastic Mould          N50
Tartler GmbH, Ingenieurbüro        TBD
TCI (Technique Composite Industrie)    V78
TCR Composites    M55
TE Wire and Cable W71
Techmill        M37
Technical Fibre Products Ltd.       K52
Techni-Modul Engineering            Y38
Technobasalt - Invest LLC            TBD
Technobell Ltd.        T25
Technocampus EMC2       V20
Techstrand   Q39
Tecnedit Edizioni     TBD
Teijin Aramid            H63
Teillage Vandecandelaere SaS   M83
Telene SaS   D61
Ten Cate Advanced Composites R46
Terruzzi Fercalx SpA            S29
Teufelberger GmbH            M72
Teximpianti Div. Di Vitrex SpA       H12
Texkimp Limited      TBD
Texmer GmbH & Co. KG    X58
Thermwood Corporation   G43
Thiot Ingenierie        TBD
Thomas Technik + Innovation      TBD
Tiodize Co., Inc.       G43
Tisstech        M77
TITK    J8
Toho Tenax Europe GmbH           G58
Top Glass SpA         G26
Topcut-Bullmer GmbH       G3
Topocrom GmbH    X56
Trelleborg AEM        W80
Trima Spol sro         N75
Trützschler Nonwovens GmbH    Y72
Tubecarbone.Com P         75
Tubus Waben GmbH & Co. KG    S55
U.S. Embassy Paris Commercial Service         F43 & G43
Ube Industries, Ltd Q65
Uchida Co Ltd          TBD
Umeco           T50
Unicarbon     Q55
Unique Textile sro   R73
Universal Star Group Ltd   TBD
Universite Picardie Jules Verne   TBD
University of Delaware       G43
Uptex TBD
Utah Composites Industry            F43
Valmiera Glasfaser AG      P19
Van Wees     C38
VEM SpA        L40
Via Mare        TBD
Victrex Europa GmbH         J16
Vitech TBD
VN Composites       T11
Voetsch Industrietechnik GmbH W73
Wacker Chemie AG            TBD
Waukesha Foundry Co. Inc.          P76
Web Industries        L55
Web Processing M C Ltd. TBD
Weber Manufacturing Technologies Inc.            P70
Wells Electronic Materials (Shanghai) Co. Ltd. TBD
Wessex Resins & Adhesives Ltd.            K56
West Virginia Development Office           D52
Wickert Maschinenbau GmbH      Z58
Wihag Composites GmbH & Co. KG      U32
Wirtschaftsforderung Sachsen GmbH    T66
Wolfangel      M40
Xperion Aerospace GmbH            TBD
Yangzhou Xinyang Technology Development Co. Ltd.            TBD
Zaklady Chemiczne Organika-Sarzyna SA         R8
Zhejiang Chengrudan New Energy Technology Co. Ltd.        Q56
Zhejiang Double Fish Plastics Co. Ltd. TBD
Zhongfu Shenying Carbon Fiber Co. Ltd.           T26
Zlbm Muehlenbein KG       TBD
Zodiac Aerospace   TBD
Zoltek Corp. T31
Zotefoams Plc          TBD
Zünd Systemtechnik AG     G23
Zyvax Inc.       M43