January 2016 CW: Correction

Corrections to stories in the November 2015 issue of CW.


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In the November issue of CW, on the Table of Contents page (p. 1), under “COLUMNS” CW incorrectly identified the author of our CW Past, Present and Future column as Adrian Peterson. Our November CW PP&F, however, was written by Adrian Williams, co-founder and managing director of Future Materials Group (Cambridge, UK). Our apologies to Mr. Williams.

In addition, on the opening page of Mr. Williams’ article, titled “Selling your business, Part 2, Finding the right buyer, closing the deal” (p. 6), in the caption set above the Example Acquisitions Schedule at the bottom of that page, CW incorrectly defined the term SPA as “shared purchase agreement,” when it should have read “share purchase agreement.” CW regrets the errors.